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An Introduction to the Emotional Energies for Children

by Prissy Hamilton



“When I was a child I didn’t understand all that I AM. In that confusion I wallowed into adulthood. This book is to aid children in realizing all that they are and how to joyfully create. Most of all that they are never truly alone.” Prissy Hamilton

A 24 page spiral bound discovery of the energies, the wonder and a story to explain. To order contact Prissy at


 A wonderful little 50 page  pocket book that you will want to keep handy for instant inspiration and needed reminders. 

This book sells for $9.00 each, shipping included.  If you would care to purchase five or more of these pocket books, you can purchase them for $6.00 each plus shipping.

To order your 'Snippets of Wisdom', send your checks to:
Prissy Hamilton
P.O. Box 1735
Las Vegas, NM  87701


Or contact her at:
Or by phone at:      505-429-9070

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by Larry Hawes

This is The Story Teller's Contemplation

as described by a long-time student




Read a few excerpts

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              OR A STREAM SINGS... LISTEN

The Story Teller

Read a few excerpts




The family of the Essene teacher Yeshua flee Judaea to escape the persecution of the Pharisee Saul of Tarsus
In Gaul and Britannia, they escape notice by Rome until an old man finds himself confronting once again the family of his mentor. 
Out of their conflict is born a legend: Camelot.

Apostle of Camelot by Andrew Mather available on or